The Cake To Take It All.

With the highest cake reflections you can get, AlmightyCake will bless holders with bountiful rewards. Sit back and watch them add up!


With lined up twitter promotions, applications to different exchanges, a reputable team, AlmightyCake is the token you’ll want to hold.

With based and trusted devs vetted by the Moonarch Community and backed by several telegram and discord groups, AlmightyCake is a community you’ll be happy you joined. Join us, shill with us, and reap the generous blessings of cake bestowed upon holders.

Fair launched with anti bot measures in place, this is a rug-free gem in a sea of scams and trickery. Join the telegram and see for yourself what kind of community AlmightyCake has created.


20% TAX

15% Cake Reflections

3% Liquidity

2% Marketing

Liquidity is locked for two weeks, will be extended if community decides to play its role and shill.

This is a community coin with a dev that won’t rug and is trusted by many communities. Fill your bags, shill your bags, and see the team back up your efforts with strategically planned marketing that won’t stop.


Phase I

- AlmightyCake is alive
- Website Launch
- Application to coingecko/cmc sent
- Heavy Twitter influencer push
- Reddit CMS Trending every 6 hours
- Community Shilling
- 500k Marketcap achieved
- 1k holders

Phase II

- Whitepaper release
- Meme contests
- Listed on cgk/coinmarketcap
- FegEx Application sent
- AlmightyCake mobile app tracker designed
- Funds for BTOK start to be allocated
- 5M Marketcap achieved
- 5k Holders
- Certik Audit

Phase III

- Listed on FegEx
- AlmightyCake mobile app released
- BTOK Listing
- Youtube/Tiktok heavy promotions
- AlmightyCake Meme website developing

Phase IV

- AlmightyCake Merch
- AlmightyCake Meme Website Release
- AlmightyCake takeover and starts going mainstream
- More to be announced

Ready to join the Almighty Cake?

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